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11:15 AM11:15

Endeavor Catalyst: Investing in Endeavor’s Future


Allen Taylor
Endeavor Global

Come hear Endeavor Catalyst Managing Director and 10+ year Endeavor veteran Allen Taylor speak about Endeavor Catalyst, the global venture capital fund built on top of Endeavor that invests exclusively in Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Since launching back in 2012, Endeavor Catalyst has made 50 investments into Endeavor companies in 17 countries and had two exits resulting in $11M+ in returns.  Based on this success, we are now raising our 2nd fund, for which we have raised over $70M in commitments in the past few months, including a $10M “anchor” commitment from LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman and investments from more than 100+ Endeavor Entrepreneurs, board members and mentors around the world. The goals of Endeavor Catalyst are to support Endeavor Entrepreneurs, make a healthy financial return for our investors, and generate profits to fund the future of Endeavor. Join this session to learn more about how Endeavor Catalyst works, and how you too can invest in the future of Endeavor!

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10:30 AM10:30

The Science of Innovation


Taddy Hall

Innovation has been practiced like medieval medicine in which conventional wisdom, common sense, and inherited beliefs – not science -- dominate decision-making. There is a much better way. Participants in this workshop will apply proven principles and valid theory to shape and improve their own innovation and growth efforts. The session leverages the research and client work performed by Harvard Business School Professor, Clayton M. Christensen, and Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Leader, Taddy Hall. Prof. Christensen and Taddy have collaborated for more than a decade, and this session will bring the essence of their work to bear on the specific business and growth challenges faced by participating entrepreneurs. Participants will leave energized, confident, and focused – knowing what to do and how to do it – making their innovation aspirations a high-growth reality.

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2:30 PM14:30

How Silicon Valley Became Silicon Valley


Lili Torok
Endeavor Insight

Endeavor Insight is Endeavor's research arm - its mission is to study how entrepreneurs succeed around the world, and how they build networks to benefit their communities.The biggest global hub for tech entrepreneurship - Silicon Valley - was born in a vacuum. We will look into this fascinating transition, the entrepreneurs behind it, and how they changed the U.S. economy.This session goes back to the original problem: what happens in a local economy when a small group of entrepreneurs achieves extraordinary success.

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