Allison Johnson

Managing Partner  & Founder, West

Allison is the founder and a Managing Partner of West. Before starting West, Allison was VP of Marketing at Apple, where she launched the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and the App Store – some of the most iconic products of our time. Before Apple, Allison was SVP of Global Brand Marketing at HP, where she led Carly Fiorina’s historic bid to merge HP and Compaq. She also spearheaded the repositioning and relaunch of HP’s brand globally with the award-winning +HP campaign. Earlier, at Netscape, she and Marc Andreessen repositioned the company from an Internet browser to a developer and purveyor of enterprise software. At IBM, she oversaw e-business strategy, brand campaigns, and a decade-long program that transformed the company from a multiframe computer manufacturer to the world’s pre-eminent global IT services provider. Allison holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Florida.