Paul Walborsky

Senior Vice President of International Market Development, NYT Global

Paul Walborsky joined The New York Times in November 2014 as Senior Vice President of International Market Development for NYT Global, where he leads a cross-functional, entrepreneurial team (product, technology, audience development and data science) tasked with scaling and building local audiences in international markets such as China, Australia, Latin America and Canada. 

Prior to his current position, Paul was the CEO of Gigaom from 2007 to 2014, leading the company from a single blog into a highly respected, globally recognized media and research firm. He built an innovative content monetization platform with multiple revenue sources, including online advertising, events and research. He also conceptualized and scaled Gigaom’s disruptive research platform – growing it to over 100 top-tier enterprise customers, tens of thousands of individual subscribers and over 150 independent analysts. He grew annual revenue from $300,000 to $18 million, along with sourcing and securing $25 million of venture capital. 

From1995 to 2002 Paul was a founder and COO of WorldStreet Corporation, a SaaS CRM and peer-to-peer communication platform for the financial services industry, which was acquired by Thomson Financial in 2002. The service was adopted by top-tier Wall Street firms, including JP Morgan Chase, UBS Warburg, Deutsche Bank, ING Barings and CSFB, among others. He has also held senior positions at major Wall Street firms including Swiss Bank, Lehman Brothers and ING Barings. 

Paul enjoys working closely with founders and has served as an advisor/investor to numerous companies, including Innit, Spire, CloudApp, Unocerus, Peanut Labs (acquired by eRewards), Starmine (acquired by Thomson Reuters) and Mobilocity (acquired by Qualcomm). He is active with as a mentor and as an International Selection Panelist. 

Paul has a B.A. in Economics and an M.A. in Economics and Finance, both from Brandeis University. He was the 2014 recipient of the Brandeis University Alumni Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship. Paul was born and raised in Mexico, and he currently lives in Los Gatos, California, with his wife and two daughters.