Lyubomir Yanchev

Managing Director, MClimate (formely Melissa Climate)

Lyubomir Yanchev is the founder and MD at MClimate ( He is one of the youngest and brightest entrepreneurs in Bulgaria and recently was named one of Forbes 30 under 30. Lyubomir's Company has been announced Startup of the Year twice - 2015 and 2016

MClimate is an IoT Company in the Intelligent Climate Control sector. They create devices that make existing heating/cooling appliances connected to the Internet maximizing comfort and lowering energy bills. Their flagship product is called Melissa and she takes care of Air Conditioners. Second product Bobbie is universal and brings electric storage water heaters into the pockets of their customers. Their third product Vicki is targeting the Heating with Radiators market. 

MClimate products are currently sold by dedicated distributors in 18 countries in EU and EMEA. 

Based in Bulgaria, MClimate already has traction on the local market. It has been selected as Top50 at Pioneers Challenge and Top15 at Startup Istanbul. 
Lyubomir Yanchev recently raised EUR 600K seed investment to continue with international expansion and develop new products of the proprietary technology.