Barr Moses

Senior Director of Business Operations and Customer Success, Gainsight

Barr Moses is the Senior Director of Business Operations and Customer Success at Gainsight, the leading Customer Success software company. She is passionate about helping teams scale how they manage customers and drive outcomes. 

Barr launched the Business Operations function at Gainsight, and later on led customer success, support and marketing teams. Prior to her role at Gainsight, Barr spent 3 years as a management consultant with Bain & Co's San Francisco office, where she focused on strategy and M&A for tech companies. Her career began in the Israeli Air Force, where she led an intelligence team. Barr holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computational Sciences from Stanford University. 

Barr grew up in Israel, Japan, Illinois, New York, and California, and enjoys bringing her global experience to the workplace. 

Fun fact about Barr: loves geeking out about science, her favorite book growing up was "Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman".