Samantha Surrey

Partner, Surrey Capital

Samantha has a distinguished track record as a life science sector investor, asset manager, entrepreneur and scientist. She is founder of Surrey Capital Partners, a life science impact innovation fund. At the request of MD Anderson, Surrey Capital Partners has been asked to create a fund in collaboration with MD Anderson. Surrey Capital Moonshot Fund with MD Anderson will be focused on Parkinson, Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and areas of the brain affected by Cancer. MD Anderson is shifting the paradigm on how we are looking at Neurodegeneration and Cancer with a multidisciplinary approach. 

Samantha is Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Decision Medical Ventures, a New York and California-based life sciences investment firm. She currently sits on the board of Decision Sciences Medical Company, an affiliate of Decision Sciences focused on bringing to market an advanced medical ultrasound technology for the early, noninvasive detection of cancer and other serious medical conditions. 

Samantha’s experience includes working for a large pharmaceutical company in World Wide Business Development, R&D, and Mergers and Acquisitions. She has managed and closed investments in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics areas. Samantha has 12 years of experience working in the life sciences/pharmaceutical industry in the areas of Private Equity Venture Capital, as well as business development for a major pharmaceutical company. She was responsible for managing a portfolio of investments and negotiating global deals in licensing, collaborations, and acquisitions with other pharmaceutical and biotech companies, fund of fund investments, and financial valuations. 

Samantha previously worked at a venture capital private equity fund in London, focusing on life sciences in areas of biotechnology, medical devices, therapeutics, and nanotechnology. She also held positions at the Cabinet Office in the Ministry of Science and Technology working on the Global Innovation Forum. Samantha graduated summa cum laude with an M.S. Eng. and a M.B. in biomedical engineering and biotechnology, respectively, from University of Pennsylvania, with a joint published thesis from the Library of Congress in robotic surgery with the Engineering School at Oxford University. Samantha holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Cornell University. She has recently been asked to join the University of Pennsylvania School for Engineering and Medicine as a faculty advisory board member. 

She has a published paper that was presented at the Engineering and Medicine Society Conference in France with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA, as well a published thesis on Artificial Muscles and the Applications to Robotic Surgery. Samantha holds numerous publications as well as a patent in 3-D protein modeling sold to Microsoft for genomics. She has an Executive Finance Degree from Wharton and completed the Private Equity Venture Capital Program at Harvard Business School. She is currently in the Owner’s President Management Program at Harvard Business School. She was nominated for the “Rising Star” award in Science, Women, and Engineering in 2010.