Jean-Pierre KlopperS

CEO BrandsEye

Jean-Pierre Kloppers is a passionate leader, entrepreneur and member of the Endeavor global network.  With over a decade of high-level management experience, JP has spearheaded a number of successful ventures over the years, and currently heads up the team at BrandsEye, where he has served as CEO since early 2013.

BrandsEye uses a proprietary mix of search algorithms, crowd-sourcing and machine learning to mine online conversation for sentiment and the topics driving that sentiment. This unique approach was used accurately call both Brexit and Donald Trump’s  victory, proving that meaningful, predictive insights can be gained from sentiment driven online conversations.    

Since taking leadership of the opinion data business, JP has been instrumental in pioneering a series of bold business strategies, driving the company’s transformation from an Online Reputation Management operation to a leading global sentiment driven opinion data company.

After completing his BSc in Engineering from the University of Cape Town, JP went on to found Eden Ventures, an independent business consulting firm for which he secured his own funding, and under which he launched a number of successful ventures.

In 2015, JP’s entrepreneurial efforts were recognised, when he was selected as one of just 100 business leaders around the globe to join the Endeavor Network.

Today, JP remains at the helm of the rapidly growing BrandsEye team, combining his passion for people and technology to fuel business growth and provide unique, relevant audience insights for enterprises the world over.