Jacco VanderKooij

Founder, Winning by Design

If you know a large farmer family, you will know me. I am the youngest of eight, raised in a small farmers' village in the Netherlands. If I picked an apple from the wrong tree on my way home from school, my parents would know about it before I got off my bike. The family name was like a bank account, and my family had been putting their savings in it for over 50 years. We were not rich, but known for our hard work, and willingness to help others. So we did not need a lot of money, for my family reputation was our most valued asset and trust was the currency we traded in every day as we helped each other out. 

Fast forward to today, a time where the role the internet plays is impacting every aspect of marketing and sales. Why? Because in todays world you can no longer sell, you are helping a customer become successful! As result you will have to earn a word-of-mouth reference by exceeding a client's expectation. To work hard and build a reputation on the results you provided. These changes are impacting every business process, across all industries. I recognize them as the same norms and values I was raised on, and I know exactly what to do. My name is Jacco van der Kooij, I design, build, and scale sales organizations and coach those that lead them.