Micah Rosenbloom

Managing Partner, Founder Collective

Micah has spent his career starting and funding tech enterprises. It’s what he loves. As an entrepreneur, Micah's raised four rounds of venture capital for over $40M in investment for three different tech companies.

Micah is currently a Managing Partner with Founder Collective, leading seed investments out of San Francisco. Founder Collective was a seed investor in Uber, BuzzFeed, Dia & Co, Plated and more. Previously, he founded Sample6 Technologies – a Boston-based company building a diagnostic and monitoring platform for harmful bacteria in food and healthcare settings. Before that, Micah co-founded Brontes Technologies, a company that sold to 3M in 2006 that developed a hand-held 3D scanner for dentists that replaced gooey, uncomfortable and inaccurate dental impressions. His very first start-up was Handshake.com, a consumer web company in 1999-2001 that was booking house cleaners and black cars long before it was a "thing."

Most interestingly, Micah's first job was for one of Hollywood’s premier talent agencies Endeavor (subject of the TV series, “Entourage”) as a mail clerk. Micah has a BS from Cornell, MBA from Harvard Business School and because of his experience at Endeavor, can fix any make/model of photocopier.