Romero Rodrigues

Managing partner, Redpoint eventures

Romero Rodrigues is managing partner of Redpoint eventures, the first Silicon Valley VC firm to be established in Brazil. Redpoint eventures is an early stage, Latam focus technology Venture firm with $130 million of AUM. 

Romero is also co-founder and chairman of Buscapé Company, a comparison-shopping service that he launched in 1999. The company made 20+ acquisitions (from payments to classifieds), and received four rounds of investments during the last 17 years. In 2009, Naspers, a South African group, acquired 91 percent of Buscapé at a valuation of $374 million. 

In November 2013, Rodrigues became Global CEO of Comparison Shopping at Naspers. 

Rodrigues dedicates time to Endeavor, a NGO, where he serves as a mentor and board member. He is also a board member of Wayfair (NYSE:W), Cortex, Olist, ViajaNet, Ascenty and NeoGrid. As an active angel investor, Romero has invested in 25 startups based in Brazil, the U.S., the U.K. and South Africa. 

Rodrigues earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Escola Politecnica at the University of São Paulo.